Richard Brooke’s 6-Week Mach2 LIVE Transformation Workshop
If you have remained stuck & frustrated in your business or life for TOO LONG, despite having a deep desire for change, having big goals and going through a lot of training, then ...
Join Richard Bliss Brooke for 6 weeks for a 
Transformational Process, Guaranteed to Help Make Inviting and Enrolling Fun, Effortless and Authentic ... 
So You Can Manifest the Life You Want!
Network Marketing Leader, Richard Bliss Brooke Wants to Personally Coach You Over 6 weeks to Help You Leverage the Science Behind “Mach2” and Have You Create Life Changing Personal & Business Results, Even If You Have Doubts, Perpetually Procrastinate, Prone to Self-Sabotage or Don’t Believe You Will Ever be a Top Earner.

What World Renown Leaders Have to Say About
Richard's Transformational Methods...

Making A Difference...
“I could tell … that Richard has a passion for changing people’s lives. I respect Richard and his work and thank him for who he is and the difference he is making in people’s lives and businesses.”
-Les Brown
Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author
Anyone Can Use It To Do Great Things in their Life...
“So much of what the great athletes do to accomplish the impossible is done through visualization. Richard captures exactly how it works, why it works, and how anyone can use it to do great things in their life.”

-John Elway
Super Bowl MVP & NFL Hall of Fame QB
The Best You Will Find Anywhere...
“If you are committed to extraordinary success, Mach2 is a must have! The information on Vision and Self-Motivation is some of the best you will find anywhere.”

-Bob Proctor
Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author
The Most Complete Results-Getting Work on Vision Ever Written...
“Vision is the cornerstone of all achievement. And Richard Brooke’s Mach2 is far and away the most clear, compelling, complete and immediately useful, results-getting work on vision ever written!”

-John Milton Fogg
Author of The Greatest Networker in the World
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Special Message from Richard:

Hey there! I got a simple question for ya…

Do you have a big dream? Do you have big goals? Do you desire more for your life and business?  Do you have a WHY SO BIG, it makes you CRY?

Yet do you continue to struggle even with these big goals and “whys”?

Do you procrastinate, hide, rationalize, blame and waste precious time getting ready again and again?

How long have you been in this cycle?

I ask because, like many others, my early life imprinted certain negative beliefs about myself:
  • I am not good enough
  • ​I am not cool
  • ​I am not worthy of love
  • ​I am out of control
  • I am not safe
And countless other “I Am …” beliefs. Mostly negative.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t exactly have a winning personality.

I grew up on a large cattle ranch and farm in a little town, so I did not grow up socializing with other kids.

And one of the few times I did, I was sexually assaulted by an older boy.

I feared my parents.

I did not trust people, I was your typical negative thinker, a compulsive liar, yet had a yearning to belong and to be accepted.

I barely graduated high school with a D average, so I didn’t even try for college.

I was fired from my first job pumping gas at an Arco for forgetting to lock up.

Living Life at 38 BMP (“Birds Per Minute”)
for $3.05 Per Hour
That led me to work at Foster Farms, the single largest poultry processing plant in the world.

My job, at $3.05 per hour, was to cut the chickens into parts as they flew past me on the production line … 20,000 of them per work shift.

That’s 38 BPM (“Birds Per Minute”) for 450 to 530 minutes a day.

In May 1977, while still working at the plant, I was introduced to a Network Marketing opportunity by one of my best buddies from high school.

Some of our other high school friends were also getting involved, but none of us knew anything about business, sales, wealth building, or success.

We all suffered from lack of self-esteem.

We wanted things, but we did not believe and feel we were worthy of them. Our “wanters” worked fine, but our “getters” were broken.

Then one day we all convened for a 3-day company leadership event.

I was so intimidated about going. I didn’t have the money to go and I was afraid of the unknown, but I went anyway.
What we experienced that weekend began the process of discovering powerful distinctions which showed us how to design a vision for our life, to replace the old beliefs, stories and mindsets that were getting in our way.

From Chicken Chopper to a
Team of Over 30,000 by Age 28
It launched us -- all five of us buddies -- into a new path. Every one of our lives changed that weekend and I never went back to the chicken plant.

I went from earning $3.05 per hour, chopping chickens to...
  • ​Within six years, at age 28, I had built my own Network Marketing team of 30,000 people and was earning $40,000 a month in 1980. (In today’s dollars, that is about $135,927 a month.)
  • I made my first million before the age of 30, advancing to the top sales leader position in a Network Marketing company of more than 250,000 distributors. I was speaking to crowds of up to 3,000 people and was leading 3-day transformational workshops with hundreds of participants.
  • ​I went on to run that $50-million-per-year Network Marketing company at age 30 and then owned my own company at age 32.
  • At age 37, I was featured on the cover of SUCCESS magazine. That issue oversold every issue in their almost 100-year history.
  • ​In 1993, I co-authored The New Entrepreneurs: Business Visionaries for the 21st Century.
  • ​In 1994, I was nominated Inc. magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • ​In 1995, I wrote “Mach 2: With Your Hair on Fire” and then rewrote it in 2018. 
  • ​In 2009, I wrote “The Four Year Career®
  • ​From 2010 to 2020 I've shared stages with Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, John Maxwell and even Pitbull
Most candidly however, I failed more in these last 45 years than I succeeded. Some of those failures were epic and embarrassing. Fitness Failures, Family Failure and Financial Failures. I have done it all

And although failure was a constant so was getting back up, putting my big boy pants on, acknowledging my failures, cleaning up my messes where I could and getting back on the horse. 

Why? Because I have always held a vision of what my life would be as a journey. And that journey was always going to be one of learning, leading, laughing and loving. It gave me the courage to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going onto the next level.

$250,000 Invested in My Own
Transformational Development
And over the years, I invested over $250,000 in learning these age-old secrets from various masters of vision, self-motivation and mindset, whose methods have been supported by neuroscience.

This type of work was perhaps first truly articulated well in The Science of Getting Rich and Think and Grow Rich.

I have studied many men and women, read hundreds of books and even invested $11,000 for a single seminar to learn these powerful concepts and distinctions.

Some of the most insightful pieces I received were from Lou Tice of The Pacific Institute and Maxwell Maltz, to whom I will always be grateful.

Mach2: The ONE Distinction in My Life,
Which Changed Everything
Through this work there was ONE DISTINCTION, which gave me my biggest breakthrough.  

It was that the key to getting what you want is not desire, but motivation. And I’m not talking about RA RA motivation from an event that only temporarily fires you up.

I’m talking about self-motivation that causes you to be ON FIRE to do things that will get you there.

Things like connecting with new people, follow-up, inviting people to take a look at your product or opportunity, presenting, etc.
Motivation is totally different from desire. Desire is wanting something. Motivation is a conversation we have with ourselves on a daily basis - it’s a habitual conversation that gives us green lights on doing what we need to do everyday to achieve our dreams.

It’s an empowered conversation that just has us say “I can do this”. “I will do this”.

That’s totally different from desire.
As I developed this distinction for myself and created the breakthrough for myself, I started teaching it to other people all over the world in a one and 2 day workshop.

I wrote a book about it in 1995, titled Mach2 and re-wrote it in 2018.

I was humbled to receive praise and acclaim from extraordinary leaders such as Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Darren Hardy, John Elway, Gale Sayers, John Milton Fogg and so many others.  

And now I’ve decided to expand the reach of these secrets & distinctions of vision & self-motivation to all of you, from the comfort of your own home...






NOVEMBER 1, 2022

Starting in just a couple weeks, I will be delivering the first training and coaching session of this virtual 6-Week Mach2 LIVE Transformation Workshop. To be delivered, every TUESDAY @ 2:30pm (Hawaii) / 5:30pm (PT) / 8:30pm (ET), from November 1st thru December 10th.

This program will be designed for network marketers, entrepreneurs and leaders who have been stuck where they are for a while and who need to design a new vision & strategy to help them breakthrough into new levels of success in business and life.
The Mach2 LIVE Transformation Workshop will include the following …
“Mach2 Vision Training”
To prepare for your coaching sessions, you will be given access to the 4-module Mach2 Vision Training curriculum, with each module consisting of short training videos and worksheets, you will be working through for each week to prepare for the LIVE training and coaching.

When all is set and done, you will retain access to a total of 19 videos and 17 worksheets, that you will be able to reference as needed, long after the program is completed.

6 Weekly 90-Minute
LIVE Group Coaching Sessions
with Richard
As I mentioned, each week as you’re working through each module, you will have the opportunity to be personally coached and supported by me via the 90-Minute LIVE sessions ... in the exact way my mentors worked with me to take me from chicken chopper to living a blessed life. Live sessions will be every Tuesday at 2:30pm (Hawaii) / 5:30pm (PT) / 8:30pm (ET).

I’ve never made transformational work with me available to people virtually, so I’m excited to say you will be one of the first to do this type of work with me and it literally doesn’t matter where you live around the world. I’m available to work with you every week via private Zoom rooms.
Private Mach2
Transformation Mastermind
And if training and coaching wasn’t enough, you’ll also be a part of a private online community of committed network marketers, leaders and entrepreneurs who will also be participating in the program, so you’ll be able to post questions 24/7 and get strategic support, as you run into challenges or have questions.

We often get the feedback that this alone is worth the investment in our coaching programs, due to the caliber of people you’ll get to connect with.

Here’s What You’ll Be Learning, Creating and Deploying With Richard Over the Next 6 Weeks...
Going Beyond Goal Setting
  • ​The Simple Question That Proves You Can Transform Into A Person With More Confidence, Wisdom, Skills And Productive Attitudes
  • ​What Most Classic Personal Development Books are Missing And Why “Wanting Something Really Bad” And Having a Strong Desire Is Never Enough
  • ​The 5 Key Characteristics Of “Self-motivation” Required To Create Action, Overcome Fear, Bounce Back From Setbacks, Solve Problems And View The World As Successful People Do
  • ​Why The Idea Of Needing To Be “Fearless” To Be Successful Is False And How Highly Motivated And Successful People Deal And Overcome Fear
  • ​The #1 Skill You Will Need To Learn To Stay Motivated, Solve Problems And Be Happy, Even Before Money, Results And Success Happen
  • ​The Biggest Reason Successful People Succeed When Others Fail, When Presented With The Exact Same Conditions And Circumstances
The Key Difference Between Desire & Self-Motivation
  • ​In Pursuing Your Business Goals, Here’s How To Take Action And Move Towards Results Faster In A Fluid And Exciting Way Without Feeling Obligated Or Like You “Have To Do It”.
  • Why “Desiring” Or “Wanting” Something Can Actually Sabotage Your Goals And Cause You To Never Achieve Your Goals, Dreams And Life You Want
  • ​Why Sitting In A Chair, Doing “The Secret-style” Affirmations, Will Not Work Without This Key “Technology” Designed Turn Visualization Into Results Through A Process You’ll Enjoy
  • ​How “Vision Board Fantasies” Might Actually Be Convincing You That You Can’t Achieve Your Dreams And How to Fix Them, So They Work
  • How To Override & Defeat The Highly Believable Negative Voice In Your Head, Which Continues To Tell You “That’s Never Gonna Happen”, “Keep Dreamin”, “Yeah Right”
The Relationship Between Vision, Self Motivation and Getting Results
  • See the Unintuitive Relationship Between Vision and Terms Like “Mindset” and “Belief”, So You Can Clearly See the Important Difference Between What You Want, What You Expect and What You Will Have
  • ​How To Create “Green Light” Visions, Which Cause You To Be Pulled Towards Your Goals, Dreams And Life You Want Like a Giant Powerful Rubber Band
  • ​How To “Anchor” The Vision For Your Business And/Or Life, So That The Daily Actions You Need To Do Become Fun, Easy And Get You To Your Income Or Personal Goals Fast
  • How To Make Selling Or Sharing A Product Or Opportunity With A Friend Or Stranger One Of The Easiest Things You’ll Ever Do And Be Excited To Do It Multiple Times A Day
  • ​Why Unintentionally Having A “Red Light” Vision May Actually Lead You To Making Your Life Worse, Move You Away From Your Goals And Sabotage Everything You Value And Love. (And Learn How To Fix It)
Week 2 - Reverse Engineering the Vision You Currently Have
The Relationship Between Vision, Self Motivation and Getting Results
  • Why Having A “Why That Makes You Cry” Results In A Vision That Will Perpetually Keep You Stuck And What You Can Replace It With To Breakthrough Into Abundance
  • How It Is Possible To Be Ultra Successful In One Area Of Your Life, Stuck In Another Area Of Your Life And Self-sabotaging & Destructive In Another, And Not Know How To Save Yourself.
  • ​Discover A New “Technology Of Thinking” That Will Help You Duplicate An “On Fire Vision” Across Different Areas Of Your Life And Create Success In Any Domain
  • The Most Important Thing You Can Provide For Your Kids, Which Will Empower Them To Achieve The Highest Levels Of Success In Life. (Spoiler: It Isn’t An Education)
  • ​How to Identify and Unplug the “Success Bottleneck” That Currently Exists in Your Business, So That Results Become Fluid and Almost Effortless
Discovering What Your Current Vision Is and How It’s Keeping You Stuck
  • ​See How Even Growing Up with “Good Parents” and “Having a Good Childhood” Most Likely Still Programmed Self-Sabotaging or Stuck Beliefs That Remain with You ‘Til This Day
  • How the Essence of “Love” Can Help You Create Powerful Results. However, This Isn’t Necessarily Love of Self or Others… It’s a Different Kind
  • ​How Mach 2 Helps You Take Small “No Big Deal” Results and Use Them to Make Your Vision Stronger and More Powerful to Create Snowballing Achievement & Success
  • How to Demystify and Master Creating a Business and Life-Altering Vision, So You Know Exactly How to Reprogram Yourself from Failure to Abundance
  • ​How to “Re-Parent” Yourself and Your Beliefs for Excellence, Even Though You’re Already an Adult and Had a Bad Childhood
The Vision Most Network Marketers Adopt
  • ​Why The Biggest Vision Challenge Network Marketers Face Is Not Their Own and How to Identify It, So You Don’t Unknowingly Adopt It
  • Why Network Marketers Who “Love the Product”, “Love the Company” and “Really Want to Make Money and Be Rich” Still Have a Vision That Will Produce Failure
  • ​How to Change Your Story Around “What a Network Marketer Does” To Create Exponential Growth from Inviting and Enrollments
  • ​How The Top 3% Of Society Accidentally Become “On Fire”,  In Life And How To Intentionally Use Mach2 To Reverse Engineer Their Vision, Even If You Aren’t That Way Now
  • ​How To Identify If You Are One Of The 94% That Unintentionally Have An Apathetic, Procrastinating, Or Self-sabotaging Vision, Which Keeps You From Getting What You Want
Week 3 - Design an NEW On Fire Vision and Make Success Automatic
How Authenticity & Vulnerability Support Your Vision
  • ​The Best Personal Development Film Ever Created - Which Most of Us Have Seen & Didn’t View as Such - and It Is NOT “The Secret”. (Hint: Hollywood Made It)
  • The Counterintuitive Ultimate Cure for Lack of Confidence and Insecurity, Which is Rarely Considered by Procrastinating and Self-Sabotaging People
  • ​Why People Distrust Those Who Lack Confidence and are Insecure and Will Never Follow Them (Note: It is NOT Necessarily Because They are Insecure or Lack Confidence)
  • How Lacking Confidence and Being Insecure Causes You to Unintentionally Waste a Great Deal of Energy, Which Could Otherwise Be Used Towards Making Progress and Getting Results
  • ​Why “Fake It Til You Make It” Doesn’t Work and The Far Easier & Simpler Alternative Proven to Get Results
How to Discover Your Personal Gifts & Life Purpose
  • ​How World Class Coaches Take Losing Teams and Leverage This One Thing - EVERYONE Has - to Create Championship Teams
  • Why Focusing on Improving or Developing Your Weaknesses First is a Losing Short & Long Term Strategy
  • How to Quickly Cause Your Gifts & Strengths to Reveal Themselves, Even If You Don’t Think You Have Any
  • ​Learn a Series of 5 Questions, Which Will Help You to Quickly Uncover Your Life Purpose and Calling, Even if You’ve Struggled Your Entire Life to Find It
  • Here’s the One Thing You Do, Which Dims Your Potential to 1/100th of What You Could Actually Create Living with Purpose. (BTW, We All Do It In Areas of Our Life That Don’t Work)
Week 4 - How to Master Vision Design, Self-Motivation and Stay on Fire for Life
How to Design Your Vision & Bring It to Life
  • ​How to Learn What Your Current Vision Is, Even If You Think You Don’t Have One and What Results You Can Expect If It Stays the Same
  • Why Writing Down Your Goals Is Better Than Nothing, But Still Causes You to Procrastinate and Behave Apathetic Towards Getting What You Want
  • How to Tap Into a Brilliant Piece of Neuroscience, Which Will Propel You to Achieve Things & Get Results, Which You Right Now Believe are Impossible or Unlikely
  • Here are the 5 Components of Creating a Vision, Which Breaks Through Self-Limiting Beliefs and Trains Your Subconscious & Reprograms Beliefs from the Inside Out
  • ​Why Telling Yourself to Stop Thinking Negatively Doesn’t Work and the ‘Backdoor Way’ to Eliminate Negative or Self-Sabotaging Thoughts for Good
The Carrot and Your Vision
  • ​The Daily Activity Which Will Ensure You Experience Transformation Within 30 Days and Be More Positive, Happier and Begin Seeing the Manifestation of Your Vision - Guaranteed!
  • Discover the 4-Step Process “Vision” Initiates Which Ends in the Results and Life You’re Striving to Achieve.
  • ​Learn the “Other Type of Motivation”, Which Only Works Intermittently, Leaves You Prone to Manipulation, Ends in Frustration and Sets You Up for Failure
  • How to Maintain a High Level of Self-Motivation, Even if Yesterday Doesn’t Go Well. (Hint: It Won’t Be by Staying “Disciplined”. That’s Language of the Unmotivated)
  • ​How to Immunize Yourself from Negativity and Stay Motivated, Even When You Have Negative Interactions with Prospects
Week 5 - The Difference Between Authentic and Imposed Values
Your Authentic Values Exercise
  • How to Tell the Difference Between Your Authentic Values vs Imposed Values and Why Sometimes the Values You Hold On To, Might Be Holding You Back
  • How Imposed Values Throttle or Limit Your Ability to Achieve Your Potential and How to Identify Your Authentic Values - Even If You’ve Yet to Live Them
  • A Simple 16 Question Exercise You Can Do in 20 Minutes to Identify Your Authentic Values, Essential for Designing a Life Transforming Vision
  • ​How to Flush Out Imposed Values So You Can Be Free to Design the Life and Business You Want
  • ​Want to Create Wealth? Learn How to Identify the Imposed Values You May Still Hold Which are Limiting Your Ability to Earn More
Your Natural Gifts & Life Purpose Exercises
  • ​How Your Natural Gifts Often Hide Behind Imposed Values That Label Them as “Embarrassing” or “Irresponsible”
  • The Quick 5 Question Exercise You Can Do to Uncover Your Natural Gifts, Even If You Don’t Think You Have One
  • ​Why It Might Be Overwhelming to Think of Your Life Purpose and How to “Re-Frame” It To Make Talking About It Simple, Tangible and Useful
  • ​The Common Trap People Fall Into Causing Them to Choose or Identify a “Life Purpose” That Isn’t Authentic to Them
  • ​5 Powerful Questions You Can Ask Yourself to Discover Your Life Purpose and Have It Be Something That Evolves & Changes with You
Week 6 - Crafting Your Vision
Crafting Your Vision Exercise
  • ​The 5 Guidelines You’ll Want to Follow to Avoid Accidentally Crafting a Vision Which Will Lead to Procrastination or Self Sabotage
  • The Types of Words You DO and DO NOT Want to Use to Craft an Effective Vision That Works
  • How to Create the Level of Clarity Needed in Your Vision to Make It Move You Subconsciously, Emotionally and Spiritually
  • How a Powerfully Crafted Vision Taps Into a Scientifically Proven Secret of Success, Happiness and Wealth Creation
  • Discover How Simple and Easy It Is to Use Your Crafted Vision to Shift Your Stories, Beliefs, Actions and Results in Just 4 Minutes per Day
Questions? Email Customer Support at
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Here’s What World Renowned Thought Leaders and Past Students Have Said About Richard’s Transformational Work & Methods…
"This is My 11th Vision Workshop with Richard and I Manifested My Vision While in This Workshop. Just Enjoy the Process. It's Going to Happen."
—Lisa J., Newport Beach, CA
"First Time in Many Years Where I Feel I Was Able to Get to the Core of What Is Truly Important to Me, My Passion and What I'm Put Here To Do."
—Annette G., Honolulu, HI
“Mach2 is terrific! Not only is it a ‘must’ for the brand new Network Marketing distributor, it is destined to be the handbook for seasoned veterans of the industry.”
—Tom Chenault
Host of The Home-Based Business show & Network Marketing Leader
“I can sincerely say that Richard Brooke has changed my way of thinking more than anyone. I will always be grateful to Richard for making me a better person.”
—Gale Sayers
NFL Hall of Fame Running Back – Chicago Bears
"We've Done Other Workshops But It Doesn't Compare to This. This is a PhD Relative to Other Programs. We Highly Recommend This to Everybody"
—Dave D. & Joy E., Vermont
"Three of My Visions Have Come True! The Manifestation Process Really Works. Hope You'll Take the Time to Invest in You. —So Worth It!"

—Jeanine L., Bear, DE
“In this accelerated economy you have to travel at Mach2. This... teaches you how to do it in an omni-effective and fun way.”
—Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator, #1 New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul and Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire
“Richard Brooke’s Mach2 is extraordinary.
I loved it.”

—Dan Quayle
 44th Vice President of the United States

"This Has Expanded Me and My Business is Doing Really Well. I'm So Grateful to Richard for Doing These"
—Cindy H., Arizona

"You All Have To Get to One of These! An Amazing Experience"

—Carrie D., Iowa
As if what’s in the 4-Week Mach2 Transformation Workshop wasn’t incredibly valuable, we love people who make powerful decisions quickly, which is why I want to make the decision for you to enroll today a no brainer by including some additional bonuses and more coaching with me!

However, these bonuses will expire in the coming few days on the dates noted below...

How to On-Board & Motivate New Team Members
Expires on Friday 8/20/21
In this 45 minute lesson, I will teach you how to develop the #1 attribute of a leader, which will motivate new and current team members to do the work, build their business and explode your sales growth.

Here’s what you will learn...

  • Why You Should NOT Try to Teach the Concepts in Mach2 to Your New Team Members and What You Can Do Instead to Keep Them Motivated and “On Fire” To Build the Business
  • How to Use “Value” to Keep Team Members from Getting Distracted and Unmotivated When They Encounter Adversity and Get Pushed Out of Their Comfort Zone
  • ​Discover How Simple It is to Change Your Reality (i.e Income & Results) Once You Have This in Place and Set This Up for Your Team Members
  • Why You Should Never Assume Your New Team Members Will do The Work, (No Matter How Excited They Are), After You Show Them How to Get Started.
  • ​How to Have a Powerful “Vision Casting Conversation” with New Team Members Which Will Motivate and Propel Them Past Any Discomfort and Adversity and Into Results
  • ​The 3 Levels of Belief and How to Edify Your Team Members Through Them Until They See Their Vision and Success as “Inevitable” - This Will Cause Them to Crush Their Goals!
  • ​The First Level of Belief Which Will Keep Your Team Members Working, Even If They Haven’t Hit Their Goals YET!
  • ​The 4 Things Which Come Together to Build Your Team Members Belief in Themselves, in You and Your Opportunity
  • ​How to Ask Questions Which Cause Your Team Member to Paint a Powerful Vision and Drive Self-Motivation and Results
Exclusive “Early Enroller” Private Group Coaching Session
Expires on Friday 8/27/21
Direct coaching opportunities with an expert mentor is not only a key part of the Mach2 Program, but it’s a critical component to any leader’s success.

Therefore, as part of this Exclusive Time Sensitive Bonus, I want to offer you the opportunity to participate in the Early Enroller Bonus Group Coaching Session with me via Zoom Meeting. Details on how to join this small and intimate group coaching session will be sent to those that enroll in Mach2 by Midnight PST on 8/27/21

How to Be a Highly Effective & Well Compensated Leader
Expires on Friday 9/3/21
In this 60 Minute training, I will teach you what the highest paying career on the planet is and the 10 traits, skills and habits you need to achieve your business and income goals as a leader…

Here’s what’s covered...

  • The Un-Intuitive Approach to Getting Low Performers to Catch up to Higher Performers, Which Won’t Require Any Additional Time, Money or Effort.
  • The Secret to Staying Highly Motivated, Inspire Creativity, Ambition and Change the Lives of Those You Work With
  • ​The Secret to Hitting Your Goals, Which Goes Beyond Setting the Goal and Getting Into Identifying Very Specific “Hows”
  • What You Need to Know About Your Team in Order to Maximize Performance & Your Income
  • ​What You Need to Do in Order to Inspire Your Team to Invite and Enroll New Team Members Consistently
  • ​The One Thing Which Will Kill Your Growth and Results, Even if You Have Everything Else Right and How to Avoid It
  • ​Discover My 7 Most Powerful Coaching Questions I Use with My Team to Uncover Truth and Develop a Powerful Course of Action
  • ​What Great Leaders Have the Courage to Do (Which Most Don’t Want To Do) To Give Their Team an Opportunity to Grow and Level Up
  • The One Thing No One Likes to Do, But All Highly Compensated Leaders Do Which Will Earn the Respect and Trust of Your Team
  • ​How to Listen to People’s Excuses & Complaints While Making Them Feel Understood, Honored, & Appreciated Without Agreeing With Them
  • ​How to Get Your Team Members to Want to Be Accountable
Manifestation Mindset
Expires on Friday 9/10/21
In this 45-minute training, I will show you how to remain in states or “mindsets”, which cause you to stay motivated, productive, avoid stagnation, relieve anxiety and bring you closer to hitting your goals and how to avoid ways of being and sabotaging mindsets which will unknowingly keep you stuck.

Here’s what’s included...

  • The Failure 5 - The 5 States That Kill Your Results and Poison the People Around You.
  • The Successful 8 - Discover the 8 States That Create Motivation & Inspire the Team and People Around You
  • ​How to Create and Manage States, Which Eliminate Drama and Produce Life Changing Results
  • The Types of Goals You Can Create, Which Will Keep You in a Productive & Happy State
  • How to “Socially Engineer” a Successful State of Mind, Which Eliminates the Need for Discipline
  • Learn How Stories Have the Power to Replace Darkness and Loneliness Within Us
  • ​“The 3 Doors” Exercise Designed to Shift You Into Productivity and Results, While Eliminating Overthinking or Overwhelm
  • ​How to Alleviate Anxiety, Avoid Stagnation and Maintain Integrity
What Does The Mach2 Transformation
Live Coaching Workshop Cost…
I’ve had a blessed life.

But it would not have been possible without the transformation work I did with my mentors early and throughout my career, which overall required that I invest in myself over $250,000 outside of a any membership I got from my upline.

Might it be worth it for you to learn some of the things with me over the next 6 weeks?

What would it be worth to cast aside whatever has held you back and start creating momentum in your business and life?

What would it feel  like to finally break through whatever has been keeping you stuck?

What would it feel like to finally hit that life changing goal in your business?

If you do the work I coach you to do, if you will study and practice, if you will trust my experience, if you will trust this process, and if you will trust yourself … This program could be worth thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions.  It could. 

My coaching has created that kind of success for others.

The 6-Week Mach2 LIVE Transformation Workshop is only $197 USD.  It is reasonably priced for you, the up-and-coming leader, the brand-new entrepreneur, the struggler, the grinder and the future top leader of our profession.

This can pay you back not just in your business, but in the results you’ll be able to produce in every area of your life.

What would a healed marriage or mended relationship with a loved one be worth?

People invest $1,500 an hour for one-on-one coaching with me to learn and implement this type of transformational work in their lives. You are going to get me LIVE for over a duration of 9+ hours throughout the course.  That comparison makes this 6-Week Mach2 Transformational Workshop worth over $13,500.

Is your Vision, your Dream worth $197 USD? Are YOU worth it?
Want to Enroll Last Minute?
Questions? Email Customer Support at
I Look Forward to Coaching and Supporting You!
Richard Bliss Brooke
P.S. Here is how to double, triple, or 10x your return on Mach2 Transformation Workshop... bring your team with you! Attending alone is priceless, but bringing 4–5 of your best leaders and rest of your team is a moonshot move. A quantum leap in synergy, brilliance and compounding transformation throughout your organization. Plus, it is WAY MORE FUN!

P.P.S. If you feel like a big change is needed for you, ENROLL NOW. The clock is ticking on some bonus coaching sessions with me. But once they expire, they are gone ... NO EXCEPTIONS. Get this offer out to your team as well!  

P.P.P.S. Why would a successful leader enroll in the 6-Week Mach2 Transformation Workshop? Simple. Because for $197 USD, you get at least $13,500 worth of coaching on how to create a far bigger vision for team growth than you ever imagined. If I offered this program to just 6-figure earners, I would charge ten times as much for transformational coaching. More importantly, this could be the best investment in YOU you ever made. Get enrolled today and bring some folks with you!

What's the Difference Between This Program and Other Programs Richard has Done?

The 6-Week Mach2 Transformation Workshop is based on the concepts taught within the book, 'Mach2 with Your Hair on Fire' and 'Mach2 Vision Training', except this is a live interactive program, which includes 6 weekly 90-Minute Zoom Coaching Sessions with Richard and the program participants.

This program would be most similar to the In-Person Live Your Bliss Transformation Workshops Richard has done for years. This time, instead of meeting at a hotel ballroom, Richard is doing it virtually over 6 weeks.
How Is This Different from the Mach2 Book Club?
Mach2 Book Club was a live program Richard led, where participants read and worked through the exercises in the book together. This program will be a more in-depth coaching program, based more closely on the In-Person Live Your Bliss Transformation Workshops Richard has done for years all over the world.
I'm a Current Student or Alumni of Momentum Masterclass (formerly Run Thru Rank). How is This Different?
Momentum Masterclass is a program focused more on skills, tactics and strategies which need to be executed daily to build their business and instill a recruiting growth culture in your team.

Mach2 Transformation Workshop is purely about your VISION and Self-Motivation, your unconscious story that drives your behaviors, moods and actions. This work will create the Self-Motivation to do the day to day activities consistently over time until you achieve your goals and dreams.

The two programs are highly complementary to one another and I would argue both are essential for any networker. One is the internal work (vision & self-motivation) someone needs to do and the other is the external work (tactics & strategy).

If learning tactics and strategy has not worked for you, it’s highly likely the Mach2 Program can help you do the internal work needed to have your breakthrough.
Will I get one on one coaching from Richard?
Richard’s one on one coaching is $5,000 a month.  He only takes on 2-3 clients at a time and he is currently full.   You may volunteer for coaching in this program and if selected you will get a 20 min segment while the rest of the audience views.  We find that individuals get almost as much out of watching others get coached as they do if Richard is coaching them.
Will the coaching sessions be recorded?
Yes.  They will be available for replay in our training portal as well as Facebook.
How can I ask questions?
You may post your questions in the Ask Richard post in the Facebook group and he will reply.  If you have a private question you may email him at
Who is this program appropriate for?
Any one at any age that has the maturity to have goals and is READY to do the work to manifest them.  Teenagers to Centurians will experience transformation if they do the work.
How can I prepare to take full advantage?
Study the most current version of Mach2 available on or Please leave us a review😊

What time are the zooms?  
Starting at 2:30pm (Hawaii) / 5:30pm (PT) / 8:30pm (ET) on Tuesdays.
Here’s What a Few More Leading Thought Leaders Have to Say About Mach2 & Richard!
“I just read your Mach2, and it is a masterpiece ... head and shoulders above the rest of the motivation books I have read.”
—Harvey Mackay
Author of the bestselling books Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive and The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World
“Richard Brooke’s Mach2, Vision Training is a fast-moving, entertaining book full of fast, funny, helpful ideas on success and achievement.”
— Brian Tracy
Author, Goals!
“I’ve read and reviewed most every book on personal development there is. I only give credence to books written by authors whose lives are a testimony to the principles they preach. I want to know the success principles that elevated someone from a chicken cutter earning $3.05 an hour to a multi-millionaire ... and you will too! In Mach2, Richard shares timeless principles to help you find the courage, motivation and pathway to greater success.”
— Darren Hardy
Publisher, SUCCESS magazine
“The example of Richard Brooke’s dynamic, visionary leadership is what first awakened my interest in the field of Network Marketing. As his book makes clear, he’s committed to inspiring people – even outside his great company.”
—Scott DeGarmo
Author of Heart to Heart & former Editor-in-Chief, SUCCESS magazine
“Before every game, I would visualize how I would react in different situations on the ice. Mach2 will teach you how visualization can separate you from the rest and give you the edge needed to succeed.”

— Adam Deadmarsh
2002 Olympic Silver Medalist, Hockey; Stanley Cup Winner, Colorado Avalanche; Stanley Cup Playoff MVP, Los Angeles Kings
“The number one thing I look for in people I come across in Network Marketing is integrity. Integrity is why Richard Brooke has become a legend in the Network Marketing field. Combine that with the fact that he is one of the few who has been successful both as a distributor in the field and an executive in the home office and you will see why Richard is regularly recognized by industry leaders as one of the best! Get his books, go to his seminars, subscribe to his newsletters. Get all you can from Richard!”
— Chris Widener
Co-author (with Jim Rohn) of Twelve Pillars
Author of The Angel Inside and The Art of Influence
“I loved Mach2. Richard captures the laws of attraction and action wonderfully. I am giving it to all my agents.”

—John Beutler
#1 Agent in the world for Century 21, 2003 & 2005
“I recommend Mach2 to everyone. The book offers many points to ponder. One of my favorites is the distinction of knowing who you are and where you want to go in your life. You must DECIDE and ACT.”
— Bill Morrow
Owner of 17 Red Robin restaurants
 Founder, The Quarry at La Quinta & Branson Creek Golf Club
888.665.8484 |  P.O. Box 630964, Lanai, Hawaii 96763